Dr. Amanda Tavoularis

Dr. Amanda Tavoularis’ commitment to excellence started during her training at the University of Washington School of Dentistry, where she graduated in 1995. An active member of UW’s Executive Alumni Board since 1996, she also served as President of the UW Dental Alumni Association from 2003-2004. Her purpose to stay at the forefront of dentistry…

Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Dental Implants vs. Dentures In the past, removable full mouth or partial dentures have been the standard option for replacement of missing natural teeth. However, in the dawn of new technology, dental implants are becoming the preferred choice for patients, as removable prosthetics become a less popular choice. This shift has brought a significant number…



Almanac Shows Slower National Health Spending Growth, But Major Challenges Persist

In an era when Californians are more worried about paying for medical care than paying for housing, we should take good news about health care spending from wherever it comes. CHCF’s latest California Health Care Almanac gives us a reason for optimism: Growth in national health spending slowed to 3.9% in 2017, the most recent…

New Years Dental Resolutions

Happy holidays from the team here at Spath Dentistry! It’s time for some good ol’ gift giving, sweet lovin’ family time and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ve even begun to discuss our New Year’s Resolutions at the office. Here are five resolutions for the new year we think will keep your mouth happy. Limit…

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Proposed Poverty Calculation Would Make More People Ineligible for Medicaid

The Trump administration has requested public comment on possible changes to the way the federal poverty guideline is calculated, which could reduce access to important safety-net programs for millions of low-income Americans. Medicaid (Medi-Cal in California), the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), CalFresh, California’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, and Head Start are just some of…

Does Getting Insurance Quotes Affect Your Credit Score?

Car insurance quotes and credit history are connected, but not how you might expect. There’s no “hard credit pull” for auto insurance quotes. That means that your credit score won’t be temporarily lowered when you shop for insurance the way it is when you apply for credit. While insurance companies do consider your credit history...…

Does Pain-Free Dentistry Really Exist?

Does Pain-Free Dentistry Really Exist? Many children are afraid of going to the dentist. While losing teeth and getting new teeth are part of growing up for everyone, some children also experience cavities and the accompanying discomfort of getting fillings. These early dental experiences form our perceptions of “going to the dentist.” If we have…

Barclaycard Arrival Plus is Closing to New Applications

The Barclaycard Arrival Plus® World Elite Mastercard® is making a departure. Barclays has announced it will soon stop accepting new applications for the travel rewards card. A Barclays representative confirms that affiliate sites like NerdWallet are being notified this week and that the issuer will stop accepting applications for the card, and for personal loans, on its own website in...…

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Big government and our light bulbs

To the list of things that threaten to end civilization as we know it, add candle-shaped light bulbs. That’s the issue in California’s latest threatened lawsuit, or one of them, against the Trump administration. The Department of Energy is about to finalize a federal rule that would reverse an Obama-era rule that changed the definition…
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Tips on How to Handle Common Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can happen at any time. The key i [...] The post Tips on How to Handle Common Dental Emergencies appeared first on Turner Dental Care. Great Teeth

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Protective Sealants

Tough Protection, Bright Smiles Are you looking for a provider of dental seal protection in Hernando – Spring Hill? Consider the professionals at Smile Design Dentistry. Our dentists have been providing their friends and neighbors with Hernando – Spring Hill protective dental sealants and other dental services for well over a decade. By offering routine…

3 keys to make change in your dental practice, without chaos

Making change is hard. It’s also usually not successful. In her book, Wired to Resist: The Brain Science of Why Change Fails and a New Model for Driving Success, Britt Andreatta, PhD, says that efforts to make change in an office fail 50% to 70% of the time. Those aren’t encouraging odds, especially for dental…

The Lowdown on New Tools to Jump-Start Your Credit

The rules for achieving a decent credit score haven’t changed much since credit scoring was invented: Pay all your bills on time, don’t use too much of your available credit and build a long history of responsible behavior. But credit novices and those looking to rebuild after missteps now have two new tools they can...…



Weekly Pediatric Dentistry Returns To PRDC!

Pediatric Dentistry Returns To PRDC! PRDC is pleased to announce we have two new Pediatric Dentists at PRDC-which means we have appointments available every week with a pediatric specialist!! Like Dr. Jeff, these dentists have completed a residency program in Pediatric Dentistry to obtain special training in providing dental care for children including those who…



Corey Seager’s road back from surgeries was easier on defense

SAN FRANCISCO – As a coach on the Angels staff, Dino Ebel admired what he saw of Dodgers shortstop Corey Seager. “For me when I saw him from the other side, he was a good-looking shortstop, great defender, good hands,” Ebel recalled. That was not really the player Ebel began working with this spring in…
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Dreaming of a Career in Health Care

Jirayut Latthivongskorn, the first undocumented student to enter UCSF School of Medicine, celebrates at the school’s commencement exercises at Davies Symphony Hall. Photo: Elisabeth Fall for UCSFIn 2012, Jirayut Latthivongskorn was about to graduate from UC Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in molecular and cellular biology. He wanted to go to medical school, but as…