Dental Implants and Making the Right Choice for You


Many factors contribute to tooth loss; a patient’s diet, genetics, poor dental hygiene, and lifestyle choices (such as smoking) all affect their teeth. If a tooth is lost, it’s important to take action. Restoring the missing tooth or teeth will prevent complications such as wrinkling of the face; bone loss, speech impediments, and oral infections can have a serious impact on your smile and overall health.

That is when the dental implant arrives. This progressive procedure offers several health benefits, including preservation of the jaw bone.

The prosthesis replaces a missing tooth or teeth. The dental implant procedure is extremely effective and inclusive: it starts with the placement of a titanium implant into the jaw bone, which will fuse with your natural bone to create a secure foundation. Then the abutment is attached, and it anchors the crown and the titanium implant within the jaw. The final step is to place the custom-designed crown, which looks like a natural tooth. The end result is a stable, natural-looking prosthesis.

The All-On-Four technique is ideal for those who have multiple teeth missing or oral health issues that have led to the need of a full-arch restoration. It is a popular method that provides the quickest long-term solution for an entire set of new, functional teeth. Unlike a single dental implant, which can result in multiple procedures to replace each individual tooth and tooth root, the All-On-Four will replace all of your upper or lower teeth. After the short surgical procedure and a minimal recovery period, All-On-Four patients express their satisfaction to have permanent results that are natural looking and strong.

At OC Oral Surgery, we can best determine if dental implants are the right choice for you. And if you need a full-arch restoration, we will discover if you are a suitable candidate for the All-On-Four procedure. After a full-mouth examination, the oral surgeon will decide and offer you the best treatment plan. Please contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

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