Are Dentures My Only Option?


Are Dentures My Only Option?

If you currently wear dentures, are facing the need for dentures, or have multiple failed titanium implants, it’s certain that you have experienced the financial stress of expensive dental treatment and the disappointment of less-than-perfect solutions. It is a fact that the cost to replace a single arch or an entire mouthful of teeth requires a significant investment of time and money. It makes sense that you would want to choose the most comfortable, affordable, and long-lasting option.  Is there such a thing?

Advances in dental implant technology, both in procedures and materials, have come a long way. In the past, if you were missing an entire arch of your teeth, your only options were dentures, which were painful, provided less-than-optimal chewing, lacked in aesthetics, and were unable to prevent bone loss. After years of research, titanium implant-supported bridges came along. They offered a huge price tag, better functionality, but not the best aesthetics or longevity due to problems with titanium not being “soft tissue friendly,” which resulted in gum inflammation, bacterial problems, and oftentimes, implant failure due to bone loss and/or infection.

In my dental practice, I have placed over 7,000 implants over the past 20 years. It has always been my goal to offer my patients the most advanced tooth-replacement options so that they get the best results possible. I switched from placing titanium implants to placing only ceramic zirconia non-metal implants six years ago. Many patients have asked me why I switched and the answer is simple: ceramic zirconia implants are better. They cost less; they are strong and long-lasting; they provide a beautiful aesthetic appearance; and most importantly, they are healthier for your mouth and body. Unlike titanium, zirconia is not a metal, and the soft tissue in your mouth (i.e., your gums) love zirconia, so they form a nice, tight seal around the implants. This prevents the growth of bacteria that can lead to inflammation, bone loss, and ultimately, the failure of your implant. In addition, since titanium is a metal, it is a conductive material and corrodes over time, which concerns many of my health-minded patients. Zirconia implants are non-conductive, do not corrode, and do not release metal ions that spread to other parts of your body. They are an ideal solution for patients with a sensitivity or allergy to metal or for holistic-minded patients who simply do not want to have metal in their body.

When it comes to full mouth rehabilitation, I offer a ceramic zirconia solution for approximately half the price of what a titanium-implant solution would cost. I use Z-Systems two-piece implants, which are the highest quality, Swiss-made zirconia implants. Having used other ceramic implants previously, I was very happy to start using the Z-Systems line of products in 2016. Their recent innovations provide practitioners with more flexibility and options to treat every patient. The results have been amazing, and my patients love their new smiles that provide them with all of the function and appearance of their natural teeth. With ceramic bridges placed on top of the 6-7 ceramic implants per arch, patients have a long-lasting, beautiful new smile that doesn’t require time-consuming maintenance.

If you are looking for a better option than removable dentures or titanium implant-supported bridges, please contact my office to schedule a consultation. I am happy to answer all of your questions and can show you what the ceramic zirconia implants and bridges look like. Ceramic zirconia implants are definitely something to smile about.

Dr. Al Manesh, Periodontist & Implant Specialist
Mission Dental Implant Center


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