How to Find Affordable Dental Treatment


Does Dental Treatment Cost Too Much?
How to Find Affordable Dental Treatment


Many people allow money, or lack of money, to dictate whether or not they schedule regular dental treatment. Unfortunately, this isn’t a good long-term strategy since low-cost preventative treatment plays a huge role in minimizing dental problems and more expensive treatment down the road.


So, if the cost of dental treatment is the main reason why you don’t visit your dentist regularly, here are some options:


  • Enroll in any dental insurance coverage that your employer offers. Even the most basic dental insurance will cover the majority, if not all, of the cost of preventative treatment, such as cleanings and x-rays. Regular dental cleanings and exams every six months will catch any dental problems early and save you from expensive treatment later.


  • If you don’t have dental insurance, ask your dentist if they have any payment plan options available or if they accept credit cards. Most dentists offer both because they know how important it is for patients to receive regular dental care.


  • Lastly, if you check around, you can often find affordable dental treatment from experienced dentists who are new to the area and special offers from dentists who are training other dentists. For example, I provide discounted implants to patients who agree to allow other dentists that I am training to watch me perform the procedure. This can save patients over $1,000 per implant!


The most important thing to remember is that postponing routine dental checkups and other necessary treatment, such as fillings and crowns, doesn’t mean that you won’t have to pay. The longer you wait, the more that the treatment will usually cost. Consider the options discussed above and contact your dentist’s office to find out how they can assist you with insurance or financing options. Your teeth aren’t just for looks—they are the first part of your digestive system and need to be healthy in order to function properly and prevent infections from spreading to other parts of your body. Be safe and schedule an exam with your dentist today. You are worth it!


Dr. Al Manesh

Periodontist & Implant Specialist

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