Minimally Invasive Dentistry with Lasers and Surgical Microscopes


Donato Dental announces successful integration of 3 Lasers and surgical microscopes to daily practice providing patients with Minimally Invasive Dentistry: Below is a description of each type of laser we use in the diagnosis and treatment of early stage cavities and gum disease:

This is a diagnostic laser used in the early detection of cavities. Clinical studies have shown it to be effective in detecting over 92% of all surface cavities.

This laser is mainly used for hard tissue procedures and some soft tissue procedures. With the aid of surgical microscopes, the erbium laser can perform conservative cavity preparations without novocaine in most cases.

Diode Laser:
This laser is used for soft tissue procedures and can also be used without novocaine for some procedures. Due to the diode’s hemostatic (no bleeding) and bactericidal (germ-killing) capabilities, this laser is an effective adjunct in reducing pocket depths in patients with early to moderate gum disease. The Diode laser can also be used to re-shape “gummy smiles” and remove small benign tumors such as fibromas without the need for suturing.

Although dental lasers can not be used to treat all forms and stages of dental and gum diseases, it does enable us to provide a more proactive and conservative approach to early stage problems rather than watching them worsen with time.

Published June 11, 2004

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