The Importance of a CT Scan for the Safe Placement of Dental Implants


The Importance of a CT Scan for the Safe Placement of Dental Implants

When it comes to getting dental implants, safety should be a main priority. One of the main tools used by implant specialists is a CT scan. It’s important to make sure that your doctor uses a Cone Beam 3D Dental CT Scanner to ensure the safe and accurate placement of your implants.

One of my patients had consulted with four dentists and two oral surgeons before deciding to have her implants done in my office. How did she make the decision to choose me as her doctor? It came down to concerns about safety. The other doctors never mentioned doing a 3D scan of her mouth prior to doing her tooth extraction and dental implant, but in my office, it is standard practice for several reasons:

  • Determining if a patient is a candidate for implants
  • Determining if a patient will require bone grafting prior to placing an implant
  • Determining the correct size implant to place
  • Determining the correct position for the placement of the implant in relation to the other teeth
  • Ensuring that the implant is not placed too close to the patient’s nerves or sinuses


I have invested in a state-of-the-art i-CAT cone beam scanner for my office, so that every patient benefits from the high-resolution, 3D digital views of their mouth. I don’t take chances with my patients’ treatment, and the i-CAT scanner allows me to see the patient’s teeth, jaw, nerves, and sinuses, as well as the precise width and depth of the patient’s bone. With this information, I can confidently plan the patient’s surgery, select the correct size implant, and place the implant with complete accuracy. This level of detailed planning is a must to ensure surgical predictability and is essential to avoid any possible complications.

Many other doctors don’t invest in cone beam 3D scanners, but I believe that they are invaluable in providing my patients with the best care possible. Safety should always be a primary consideration when you are comparing implant providers. Don’t believe anyone who says that an x-ray provides the same benefits as a CT scan. Contact us at Mission Dental Implant Center to schedule a $50 CT scan and implant consultation before deciding on your implant doctor. A 3D digital image can save you from unnecessary pain and complications and ensure that your dental implant provides you with a healthy and happy smile.

Dr. Al Manesh, Periodontist & Implant Specialist
Mission Dental Implant Center


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