Weekly Pediatric Dentistry Returns To PRDC!


Pediatric Dentistry Returns To PRDC!

PRDC is pleased to announce we have two new Pediatric Dentists at PRDC-which means we have appointments available every week with a pediatric specialist!! Like Dr. Jeff, these dentists have completed a residency program in Pediatric Dentistry to obtain special training in providing dental care for children including those who are very young, have special needs, or who have challenging dental issues.

PRDC serves patients of all ages and income levels and new patients are warmly welcome. PRDC accepts Medicaid/Smiles For Children and Delta Dental Premier insurance. We also accept out of network benefits with other PPO’s and will file your insurance claims for you.  Appointments with a Pediatric Dentist are available every week so call (540)661-0008 today to secure your child’s place on the schedule.

BrecherPhotoDr. Erica Brecher

Edwards pictureDr. Justin Edwards