How Can A Chipped Tooth Be Repaired?


A bad trip, a minor accident, or a sport’s injury may result in chipped tooth. Accidents happen all the time.

Getting a chipped tooth fixed immediately can help in damage control. It will also make sure that there are no further problems in future.

What to do before going to the dentist

Even though only a dentist can fix your problems permanently, you can use some over the counter medication to deal with the pain and keep the swelling at bay, in the meanwhile. Try rinsing your mouth gently. Use diluted mouthwash. Also apply an ice pack over the area if the pain and swelling continues.


If the amount of tooth is very minor, filling may help the tooth to be restored to its original size. The best part about this is that it only requires one trip to the dentist. The dentist might use a composite or an amalgam. After it has hardened, the filling supports the whole tooth.


The dentist uses a plastic resin and applies it first to the tooth and then sculpted. With the help of a unique ultraviolet light, it is then “cured”.

This easily binds the resin to the tooth. This is one of the best ways to dealing with small chipped teeth.


The dental crown or cap provides a layer of protection to the tooth. It further allows the fixed tooth to resume functioning.

It is to be noted that the procedure is long as two crowns or caps are made, one is temporary, and the other one permanent.  You might need to make another visit to the dentist if the permanent one is needed to be altered.

Dental Veneers

Veneers are made of porcelain and composite material custom made to cover the specific areas. This helps in them typically blending with the existing teeth. Moreover, they are much more natural looking as compared to bonding. Furthermore, they are stronger and last more than other procedures.

Root Canal

The real problem begins when the damaged tooth lead to an infection of the pulp. Root canals or endodontic therapy may be done by dentists or endodontists. First, the diseased tooth is extracted.

Afterwards, the tooth is cleaned. The root canal is then sealed. After the work is done, the dentist may perform another method to deal with the chipped tooth.

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