Planning To Get Your Teeth Whitened? Here are 5 Things You Need To Keep In Mind


Teeth whitening has become a go-to solution for achieving brighter and whiter teeth. Even though the process associated with teeth whitening is quite a simple one, there are still a few things that you would need to remember before knocking at your dentist’s door:

1. It’s A Basic Procedure

Teeth whitening involve a process where the teeth are bleached and cleaned to achieve a lighter and whiter look.

Before starting off the procedure, your dentist will check if your teeth are healthier enough to be treated. The shade of your teeth is obtained to ensure that the end results are similar.

2. It’s Not Done on Implants and Veneers

Teeth whitening is done on natural teeth. Those who already have implants, dentures or veneers should not consider teeth whitening as it fails to work on such artificial surfaces.

3. It Might Increase Sensitivity

With teeth whitening, people may experience sensitivity in their teeth and gums. This is temporary. This sensitivity can be alleviated with the help of toothpastes which reduce the sensitivity.

4. It Fades With Time

Teeth whitening does not last forever. The maximum period to which it lasts is for 2–3 years.

However, the duration also depends on eating habits. Those who frequently clean and floss their teeth will have the whitening last longer, while the ones who smoke and drink wine should be ready for whitening to fade away in just a year.

5. Always Consult A Dentist

Teeth whitening is something that can’t be done at home. Because the process is methodical, it needs to be performed in a professional dental environment.

6. Don’t Go For DIY Teeth Whiteners

There are so many DIYs available on everything nowadays that you might’ve even come across a few teeth whitening kits as well.

Dental advice: Don’t go for such kits. They contain a high bleaching content, which may cause severe mouth sores and damaged gums.

7. Discuss With Dentist If The Results Are Unsatisfying

If the results of teeth whitening don’t come as expected, or, you’ve experiencing severe sensitivity and side-effects, speak with your dentist about it right away.

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